Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Is this blog dead or alive?

Friday, September 08, 2006


i'm bac........... Long time no update tis blog liao lo. Now got one week break finally can go bac my home. i am so excited oledi before the holiday week starts lol.......... cos i miss my family, frens, my bed, and food here.............2 months not goin to cs liao. suddenly found out tat cs also is a nice place to shop..........not like midvalley so big.............hav to shop till pening pening, but my highest record in kl is goin to midvalley 3 times a week, cant imagine rite? no wonder i do so bad in my first test! haha. Besides tat, my course nite is on 29 AUG at The mines beach resort. Hav a lot of fun there and can dance wif my Lao Po in UPM so excited lol........... i can still remember i hold her hands and waist..........haha. quite memorable................... and somemore got kursus Kemepimpinan..........OMG i tot tis kind of kursus only got activities like critical thinkin or wat but it comes out somethin like army camp..........*FAINT*.......... tis is my first time go kayak and swim in lake, do flyin fox ( although i no time to try it cos some prob), cycling in lumpuh, and the WORST is swim in the LUMPUH just like u all saw in movie. We hav to like army to swim in lumpuh to get closer to enemy like tat and hav to use the lumpuh to do facial...........haiz. i took 2 times bath to get myself clean lol.......... and my towels become yellow shit colour.......yuckssssssssssssss. somemore my shirts and track bottom ........ dun hav face to see it.......... haiz . and the most important things i never done in my life before is eat bitter gourd raw............omg now i found out the malay foods r so nice x1000000000000000 than bitter gourd.........i shouldn't complain the food there anymorelo........... Overall is quite fun also la. Learn a lot of things there.

***********To be continued wif my exciting uni life*******************

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yunn's Sis Wedding

Friday, June 02, 2006

SImplicity is necessary

Hey,I wrote some craps about simplicity in Chinese here as my 1st contribution to this blog.

A片=日本 < A funny joke >

  题目是:想到A片,就会想到日本,so.请试证明: “A片=日本”。
  解: 因为英文考得好老师会写“A“等
  所以 A = 甲
  又 A + 片 = 甲 + 片
  而 甲片 = Japan =日本 (谐音)
  故得证 A片 = 日本


*A片不要看太多, 伤身 !!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Left one more week b4 i leave...........

HOhoHo, how time flies............. Still hav one more week after school holidays and i hav to put down my work and continue to persue my studin life in uni under a big and different environment from wat i used to be. Quite nervous and anxious for the uni outcome also, hope can get wat i hope for..........

Anyway, just wanna share wif u all about my school sport day lol. I am a photographer on that day, and i am not willing to do so althought i like photograph. I think because of the poor and lousy camera gua (so i need a lot of shootin skill to compensate the cacatness of the camera, hhaha ).......... But suprisingly, when i upload the photo to my pc, i notice tat i hav taken around 200 photos on tat day........ Just wonder y i can take so many photos lol.......

And now still left 20days for my long awaited Redang trip but before that i have a long and bored holiday to spend first at home lol............ SO SIEN !!!

I just wonder nowadays ppl sms using wat language????? Cos i hav a student sms me few days ago to chat wif me and i used english to reply her and she said tat i so OBIT ( walao, lazy to type chinese also ma........ SIENZZZZZ ), she said nowadays "YOUNG" ppl sms usin chinese and no ppl use English liao wor, i got so old meh, huh???? .............. I DUN BELIEVE LOL......... Mayb u all can giv me an answer for tat.......haha.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Teacher!!! Wad do u think of teacher when u heard tis word? NAGGIN? TRYIN TO CONTROL U? CANE U? and sometimes eat snake in office!!!??? NO !NO !NO ! definitely wrong! Besides than teachin in front of class, they still need to mark and see thro all the work we done!!! try to imagine he /she hav to go thro 40 pieces of book if ur class got 40 ppl and everyone of u do only 1 page, if u do 5 pages each ppl then he/she hav to mark 200pages and furthermore he/she cant possibly teaches one class only ma !!! so please be good and nice to ur teacher esp when u do the homework next time IF GOT CHANCE LOL like write neat neat and underline lol, to let ur teacher senang a bit la ( more & more naggin liao la, SHXT!).

Other than that they still need to prepare for the next day teachin and look for extra info and hav to be careful to find the info that is suitable, not too easy & not too hard for his/her student to learn. HAIZ and somemore when PJK, he/she hav to think wat game for u all to play ler.......... so hard to think de ler and sometimes my student said to me that :" Teacher so hard to play ler, i dun wan play liao", then he go sit aside and play wif others or playin wif the grasses, stones, etc la. haiz u can heard my heart broken laio bliek..........

Besides that, when settin the question paper ,u dun know which ques is easy for them or hard for them and hav to change if the PANITIA said ur question got prob.......... so ma fan ,ma fan ,ma fan lol. And hav to prepare the paper
3weeks b4 de exam...... Besides that he/she also very concern about ur health also. if he/she students sick or fall on the flooor, he/she will be very nervous de lo , scare u hurt urself ah ,parents blamin he/she ah blablabla la, quite a heavy burden lol.

Besides that, when u cane them also must be NICELY lol ( better than not canning them) if cane too hard then prob come, if not too hard, no use also lol! and the
MOST....... most.....

Actually there r no any bad teacher in tis world de la ( at least i think so........... hihi ) only got lazy teacher lol. He/she do everythin just for his/her student good de lol ( feel a bit most.............. thing made the teacher most sad is wad u know? is not concentratin when he/she is teachin in front of class and no one reply he/she when he/she ask his/her student question lol feel like talkin to wall jiang.......... (although tis is wad i always do when i was in secondary school WAKAKA !!!)
ke lian for all the teachers tat guide me along my studyin life till now bcos of my poor hand writin, talkin in class,................. AND EVERYTHING !!! ) Teacher, i LUV U, wakaka ! ( this is the longest blog in my bloggin here and most meaningful de i think, but tat means i am more and more naggin also liao la, SHXT ! ) Last, TRY TO BE NICE TO UR TEACHER LOL !!!

PS : WALAO dun know y the font size so big, so sorry but it seems so fine when i edit it........... so sorry i also bo bian liao la........
Finally found a way to overcome it, YEAH !!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

feelin of my heart

Haiz........ time flies lol ! I hav been teaching for 3 months oledi. And is the time to accept my punishment!!! Tml my stpm result will be coming out ( still left 9 hours liao ! ) and i feel very nervous + regret + sad ..........
Dun know i can score or not. MPM pls bless me ba wakaka.........